Custom Metal Fabrication: Making Your Products Stand Out From the Crowd

Fabrication is normally utilized for both stock and custom merchandise. For example, if you want to produce shelves made from an alloy that is not usually used in manufacturing, or if you want to produce a special cabinet that can be custom designed, custom metal fabrication is the way to go. Most custom metal fabrication products are generally crafted from a wide variety of commonly used metallic alloys and metals. Some of the more popular metallic alloys and metals available for custom fabrication include brass, aluminum, chrome, copper, iron, nickel, sterling silver, titanium, and many different grades of steel.

If you are looking to have your fabricated goods produced, there are a number of different ways in which you can do so. For example, there are a number of professional fabricators that will undertake the process using CNC machinery. This machinery consists of a computerized system that allows a machine to accurately feed cuts, punches, routers, and lathes into the material being manufactured. If you choose to employ the use of manual tools, or if you would like to cut down on the cost of having a custom metal fabrication carried out by a professional, you can still have the work done using standard CNC machinery. Standard CNC machinery is often used for things such as manually punching holes into the sheet metal in order to allow the bolts and nuts to pass through correctly, and it is also possible to precisely grind away excess material that may be required when fitting sheet materials.

There are also a number of alternative ways in which you can get your fabrication products manufactured. The first option that is commonly used is to have the product created by hand, using traditional manual tools. This method allows the client and the manufacturer to share a close relationship, as they can see what the design looks like before the fabrication process has even begun. However, the high cost of using manual tools means that this option is not always viable for all customers. This is why most companies these days tend to go down the route of CNC machinery, as this method offers a fast and reliable solution.